Danielle is a Denver-based web developer. When she's not coding, she's probably playing soccer or on a meditation retreat.



Meditation - A meditation habit-building application created in 4 days as my midterm project for RefactorU using Angular, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.

DharmaRX - A mindfulness-based peer-to-peer video chatting community. Created in 7 days as a final project for RefactorU using OpenTok, HTML5, CSS3, Angular, NodeJS, Express and Google OAuth2.

Honey Barbera - A personal portfolio for a dancer and model. Created with Angular, HTML5, CSS3, Node.js, and Express.

Sierra Retreats - a website for a non-profit that puts on various Vipassana retreats in Colorado.

Phz.io - An application allowing users to manage fan engagement on social media. Built with the engineering team at Phizzle.

A pre-survey application built to collect customer data and catch unhappy customers, empowering the user to transform those customers' experiences before traditional reviews are left.